Inglise keele test B2

Choose the correct answer, a), b), c) or d).

1. This painting is believed ______ painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.
2. Look! What ______ in the mirror?
3. They ______ in London in the 1980s.
4. I ______ ready for bed when he came.
5. I’ve ______ the terrible news on the radio.
6. ______ Chinese food?
7. I can't work if I ______ very hungry.
8. He won't pass the exam ______ he studies a lot more.
9. Would you help me move to my new house if I ______ you €60?
10. He ______ go to the concert if he was over the age of 18.
11. When I ______ tired, I usually drink a strong, black coffee.
12. You should take an umbrella ______ it rains.
13. If I ______ you, I’d take it back to the shop.
14. How long have you ______ the violin?
15. I ______ him enjoying himself so much.
16. He ______ swim when he was six but he can't dive yet.
17. We ______ to go to the match but we managed to watch it on TV.
18. They've bought a lovely new house but ______ garden’s very small.
19. I didn't know they had a summer cottage ______ south coast of France.
20. They seem to have ______ money but they don't have many friends.
21. We don't have ______ time or money to go on holiday.
22. She's the woman ______ son is a famous actor.
23. Is that the jacket ______ you said you wanted to buy?
24. I have moved to Tartu, ______ my parents were born.
25. We ______ arrived on time if the traffic hadn't been so bad.
26. He was given the award in ______ of his academic achievements.
27. They ______ told what to do yet.
28. The birthday cake ______ by his aunt, who’s a very good cook.
29. They didn't want to do it but the boss said they ______ to.
30. She said she ______ to do it last month.
31. ______ to know what's going on.
32. I asked her if she ______ my new car.
33. She offered ______ him write the report.
34. Why don’t we ______ to take them to the train station?
35. Who ______ you those lovely flowers?
36. Do you mind me asking how old ______?
37. They ______ in that lovely old house since 2005.
38. Have you heard from your sister ______?
39. I ______ for my mobile phone for half an hour. I think I've lost it!
40. Where’s my car key? I ______ it on the table last night.
41. Shops ______ from 9.00 a.m. until 7 p.m. tomorrow.
42. His wife is very proud. He ______ a fantastic job in a law firm.
43. How much do you think he ______ as director of the company?
44. You ______ what to do when you get there.
45. She ______ come if you tell her two weeks before.
46. I ______ sharing a flat but now I prefer to live on my own.
47. They’ll never get used ______ in a big city.
48. When we walked into the hotel, a fire ______ in the fireplace.
49. She ______ for her bus for an hour when it was suddenly cancelled.
50. He ______ hungry when he gets home from tennis practice.
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