Inglise keele test B1

Choose the correct answer, a), b), c) or d).

1. People say I read _______.
2. Please turn the music down. It's _______.
3. _______ you ever climbed a mountain?
4. He _______ flown in a plane in his life.
5. _______ make you a coffee?
6. When did you decide _______ a new TV?
7. I _______ Paris because I got a job there.
8. What's the first thing you do when you _______ work?
9. I went to the shop _______ some chocolate.
10. She's a very busy lawyer so she _______ takes a holiday.
11. I don’t mind _______ up sometimes.
12. You _______ be late for school again.
13. Are you _______ that new play at the State Theatre?
14. I _______ them for dinner at nine tonight.
15. I _______ lunch when I heard a strange noise.
16. We should avoid _______ in December.
17. I've studied English _______ many years.
18. How long have you _______ him?
19. It _______ me an hour to get to my mum.
20. They used to live _______ Australia.
21. It _______ rain tomorrow. It’s going to be a sunny day.
22. I _______ wear a uniform to school.
23. There aren’t any swimming pools in the town _______ I live.
24. I think everybody should travel abroad _______ learn about foreign cultures.
25. He married the girl _______ used to sit next to him at school.
26. Can I try this coat _______, please?
27. Children spend _______ hours on the Internet.
28. This jacket is _______. It’s too short for me.
29. Carl has been _______ about his past.
30. There’s more traffic and _______ space to walk in the streets nowadays.
31. She worked as a teacher in _______ Australia.
32. The phone’s ringing. It _______ be Peter. He always calls me at this time.
33. She _______ to work in her company’s office in Madrid.
34. The police officer _______ me to move along.
35. Has the man come to repair the washing machine _______?
36. A lot of people think that if they _______ lots of money, they’ll be very happy.
37. What _______ happen if he doesn't get here in time?
38. If you save some money, you _______ to worry any more.
39. She did _______ in the test.
40. She told me she _______ buy me a new one.
41. What would they do if they _______ have any money?
42. I’d do more exercise if I _______ time.
43. Could you _______ a good place to eat?
44. The restaurant was so small that they _______ to let any more people in.
45. When _______ arrive?
46. Who _______ all this mess?
47. What _______ of doing now?
48. We _______ to the library when we heard a loud crash behind us.
49. Jane hasn’t finished _______.
50. When we got to the station, we found out that our train _______ two minutes earlier.
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