Gleb Netchvolodov

About himself:

Doctor of Communications, Media and Semiotics from University of Tartu, British citizen and a certain global nomad, I was lucky enough to step on a half the world – 30 countries – andto work in many of them –say, from Japan to Brazil, being creative director for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies , to National Geographic journalist, from a language teacher and advertising lecturer to Postimees columnist.

In Dialogue I teach English and Russian, lecturing my own course on general advertising and advertising strategy for small businesses. And some of translation works.

Being broadly inquisitive person, I am in constant search for new experiences, perceiving thirst for any creative approach – whether it be a scientific discourse or a creative artistic process. Since in addition to my PhD, I’m also a professional artist (thus, for instance,one of the books published by Dialoogis designed and illustrated with my works); got 6 international solo and over a dozen group shows.

Seriously engaged in author’s short animation and “short meter” film production. And huge sea-side and sea fishing fan