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We offer guests from other countries the study, as a rule, of Estonian and Russian, although sometimes foreigners ordered English, Finnish, and Italian languages with us. But, nevertheless, this is an exception to the rule, since most often foreigners learn Estonian and Russian with us. They usually study individually, for two weeks or more.

Among foreigners, more and more foreign workers and students working in Estonia began to meet. They receive financial support from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and study for free, as TC Dialoog is a partner of the Unemployment Insurance Fund in several educational projects.

That is especially important how TC Dialoog differs from other language courses – when learning any language, both for residents of our country and for foreign guests and foreign citizens, the academic schedule and cost of training are exactly the same.

The languages studied are taught on the basis of English, Estonian or Russian, but we have experience in teaching on the basis of German and on the basis of French.
In 2019, we took two Russian students from India, one client from Australia, from Portugal, a businessman from France. The Estonian language was studied by a client from the USA, one male traveler from Malaysia, a student from Pakistan, a student from Germany, an information technologist from England, a doctor from Russia, doctors, teachers and people from other professions from Ukraine.

The Estonian language is the most popular among foreign visitors. They come to Estonia and come to our language courses in order to learn the basics of the Estonian language and in order to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the small Baltic people. Discovering a new world is always exotic and interesting.

Learning Estonian can be motivated by bilingual family ties, family members from Russia or Estonia, job opportunities in Estonia, sometimes business contacts, businesses, finding new markets and new opportunities.

For those foreigners who come to our courses, we will help you to book a room in hotel near the place of classes, to draw up a cultural-excursion program. Travel, accommodation, meals, excursion services are not included in the cost of training and are calculated for each customer separately. Homestay is not practiced, we will help you choose and inform you about the most convenient and profitable accommodation so that you yourself can book a room in hotel or separate apartment on the Internet.
The learning program is compiled after testing and identifying the language level of students, as well as on the basis of educational goals and the volume of the order. All this can be done before arriving in Estonia via the Internet. Testing will show what form of work – group work or individual lessons – we can offer the client.

Learn Russian language in Estonia? Isn’t it easier to go to Russia for this? Our clients say that they like to learn Russian in Estonia because in several regions of Estonia, for several centuries, the Russian-speaking population has been compactly living and here you can get acquainted with the original Russian culture of Fancy and communicate with these people in Russian.

It is also attractive that for residents of the European Union and some other countries, a visa is not required to travel to Estonia.
In addition, our courses for foreigners are cheaper than in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Teaching is lexically and grammatically oriented to the needs of our students. From the point of view of the methodology, we proceed from the main function of the language – communication – and strive primarily to teach our guests how to communicate.

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Registration form to the courses of Learning Center Dialoog in Estonia




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