Language courses

Educational department of TC Dialoog has been teaching foreign languages for more than 30 years, since the fall of 1989. This time has given us enough experience to offer our students quality education. TC Dialoog offers the following forms of work.

  1. Language training in Estonia: for adults – at the Learning Center Dialoog, for children – at the Language Center for children Dialoog.
  2. Language training for children and adults from our partners in international language schools in England, Germany, France, Russia, Italy.
  3. Teaching foreigners Estonian and Russian languages.

In the Learning Center Dialoog, in the form of classroom and online classes via Skype, Zoom and other online platforms, you can study Estonian, English, German, Russian and Finnish individually and in groups. In addition to the above, individually by personal programs, you can also learn other languages of interest to you, such as Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Armenian, Georgian, etc.

The qualifications of teachers of the Estonian state language are confirmed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Estonia and the Language Department in accordance with the requirements of the license issued to the Learning Center Dialoog, which gives the right to prepare for proficiency examinations in the state language. This means that our study programs comply with the standards of the Ministry, students of TC Dialoog after submitting income tax declarations receive 20% refund of training expenses from the Tax and Customs Board. Such refund is guaranteed to everyone who is our student, since other languages are registered in the Estonian Education Infosystem – EHIS in accordance with applicable law.

Estonian, English, German languages can be studied at six levels based on the levels of language proficiency established in the European Framework Document (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2).Other languages can be studied by beginners (A1) and those who speak the language at the elementary and intermediate levels (A2, B1), but at the request of our clients we can also teach at higher language levels. Many training programs at one level consist of several modules.

We offer training programs in a common, spoken and business language. When compiling studying programs for individual courses, we take into account wishes and goals of the student. With the permission of the client, training programs for individual courses can be published on TC Dialoog home page.

Despite the fact that the courses, which last the whole academic year, for the most part begin in September and end in May, new groups and individual courses open throughout the school year. Depending on the level of language proficiency, you can start training at any stage and join the group that has already started training, if there is at least one free place. You can determine your level of language proficiency using the tests offered by our company. See Language levels and tests

TC Dialoog has developed training programs and training schedule, that you should familiarize yourself with when choosing a course.

We attach great importance to ensuring that students can use modern teaching materials. In most cases, students receive original materials: student’s books and workbooks in both printed and online versions. The student’s books we use are published in countries where the studied language is the main language of communication: in Estonian, we use student’s books published in Estonia, English in England, German in Germany, Italian in Italy.

Since in the classroom you can use the Internet and demonstrate the necessary material on the screen, teachers constantly use Internet resources in teaching.
Upon admission to study, our customers fill out the registration form, which, after confirmation by TC Dialoog, is essentially an agreement between the student or his representative and TC Dialoog. The contract spells out the schedule and procedure for paying for studies. If the training customer is a legal entity, then the contract is concluded between three parties: the customer, student and TC Dialoog.

Classes are held in cozy, ventilated, well-lit rooms that comply with all sanitary standards. See Our premises
We have developed a system of discounts for families, students, senior citizens and regular customers. In courses schedule you will find various offers by language, venue, time and cost.

Individual training

If you are very busy at work, when working in shifts or on frequent business trips that do not allow you to regularly participate in group work, we recommend that you turn to an individual study form. It is difficult to study in a group when you want to develop the language of your specialty or to master certain skills. Each learning program has topics that may not be of interest to some and very important to others. Individual courses are especially suitable for people who would like to study according to a learning program developed specifically for each of them.

Learning program is prepared taking into account the needs and work schedule of the student. The teacher is at the disposal of one student and will pay attention to important skills and abilities.

The student can choose the time and intensity of the lessons, as well as the topic and volume of the course. Individually, both adults and children can study the language.

The minimum volume when ordering individual training is 20 ac. hours, but to master a certain level in full, you need to go through 80 ac. hours with a teacher and intensively engage in self-learning. The client, with our support, finds the optimal mode of operation. Usually it is 2 ac. hours one to three times a week.

At the first conversation with a future student, the administrator of the training department finds out the language needs of the client, experience in learning language, aims and priorities. After passing the test, it finds out the starting level, selects the necessary course and study guides. It is important to know how many hours a day a client can devote to language acquisition and how many days a week he can devote to studying. All this is taken into account when drawing up an individual plan of study.

Language is a changing phenomenon, therefore new, modern materials and teaching methods are important for us.

Distance form of study

In TC Dialoog, several years before the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic, distance forms of language teaching were used, therefore, at the time of self-isolation, we easily switched to Skype and Zoom, as well as mastered other Internet platforms for working distantly in groups.
For online education, you do not need to live in one city with teacher, you can even live in another country.
The second advantage is that you don’t have to waste time on the road.

The third, you can teach at the same time people in different cities, and they can be combined into a group.
The fourth – you do not need to interrupt classes for vacation and business trips, you need to bring a laptop computer, tablet or smartphone with Skype access.

The fifth, such distance form of study and teaching is well suited for people with disabilities and those who, for health reasons, would not want to leave home.
Sometimes, a combined form of training is ordered in our Training Center Dialoog: one day a week learning in a classroom, and 1-2 times in distance form.

Learning language in company

We offer companies several opportunities for conducting language courses for employees: either in their own premises, or in our classes, or online. As a result of preliminary testing, the following groups are offered to companies: individual training (1-2 students), mini-groups (3-4 students), small groups (5-7 students) and standard groups (8-10 students).

To achieve good results, the importance of independent work should be emphasized: we recommend that you study language every day, including on weekends, for at least 30 minutes.

It should be borne in mind that in order to master each level of language proficiency, a student will need an average of 200 academic hours in group training (140 academic hours with a teacher and 60 hours on their own). This applies to beginner levels A1, A2 and B1. To master language level B2 or C1, 450 academic hours (200 academic hours with a teacher and 250 hours on your own) are required for each level.

In order for the language learning process to be effective, a positive attitude towards the language and culture being studied is very important. Positive emotions affect the processes of memory and contribute to the memorization of learned expressions. There are problems in life of every person, but when they come to classes, they should be left behind the door of the classroom.

Each person is able to learn, in addition to his native language, several foreign languages. The main thing is that learning the language is fun.

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