Training schedule in Training Center Dialoog

Training Center Dialoog operates as an educational institution for adults. Training Center Dialoog organizes additional education for adults in the following areas: language learning, accountancy and qualification upgrading courses for teachers.

TC Dialoog (founder of Dialoog JSC, registry code 10050341) in its activities proceeds from the law on adult education (18.02.2015), of the charter of TC Dialoog, the basics of educational organization and other documents used in TC Dialoog.

TC Dialoog by order of the Ministry of Education and Science dated May 6, 2016 issued permit for activity No. 1.1-3/16/82 on the provision of additional education aimed at teaching the Estonian language to prepare for exams at levels A2, B1, B2, C1.

Work permit with educational programs is presented and registered in the Estonian Education Information System (EHIS). Other additional adult education courses are presented in the EHIS as business reports. Teaching programs have been developed for language learning, accountancy and qualification upgrading courses for teachers. Registration number in EHIS 199878.

TC Dialoog uses the following forms of work:

a) language and accounting courses in volume from 20 to 450 academic hours (academic hour – 45 minutes);
b) short seminars for language teachers, seminars and consultations for accountants from 2 to 6 acad. hours.

Language learning is carried out in groups or individually, in a classroom or on their own, in the premises of TC Dialoog or in classrooms of the customer. The size of the groups in TC Dialoog is as follows: a mini-group of 3-4 students, a small group of 5-6 students, a regular, standard group of 8-10 students.

Training takes place throughout the year, but most groups begin their studies in September and finish in May. Training is carried out in three cities: Tartu, Tallinn and Narva, where the bureau of TC Dialoog operates and there are training rooms equipped with meeting the requirements of equipment. Using Skype, Zoom and other online platforms, students living in other cities and countries study remotely.

Educational work is carried out according to the schedule which reflects the name of the courses in accordance with the European language level, the total volume in academic hours, the number of classroom and independent work, the size of the group, the cost of the courses, the training period and schedule, the location of the classes and the name of the teacher.

In addition to the course schedule, there are other information related to training on the TC Dialoog home page: teacher education and work experience, achievement of quality, description of language levels and information necessary to determine the level of language proficiency. 

Learning programs

The main document of language courses is a learning program that contains:

1. name of the program;
2. field of study and the basics of compilation;
3. total volume, including the number of classroom and independent hours;
4. final level of knowledge;
5. conditions for the start of training;
6. learning content;
7. list of training materials;
8. description of the learning environment;
9. graduation conditions and issued documents;
10. description of teacher qualifications.

Conditions and procedure for achieving the quality of training programs

Learning programs of TC Dialoog was developed by experienced foreign language teachers, methodologist, course organizer and approved by the Director of the Training Center. Programs for preparing for exams in the Estonian language at levels A2, B1, B2, C1 are approved by order of the Chancellor of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 1.1-3/16/82 dated May 6, 2016.

The basis for compiling training programs for TC Dialoog is  Act of adult education, the standard for continuing education and the European Framework for Language Learning. Learning programs are supplemented, if necessary, constantly and necessarily once a year, the programs are reviewed by the training organizer and teachers of the relevant subjects.

Mastering the learning program by modules

TC Dialoog offers students without a break to master the entire volume provided for by the training program at any level. TC Dialoog also provides an opportunity to master the required level of 80 or more ac. hours sequentially by modules. The purpose of modular training is to divide the study period into separate parts, to extend the study period, to make a pause between the modules for the student to then continue his studies.

As a rule, the entire volume of a level is divided into two, sometimes into three modules, which are based on a common program. In the first module, the student learns all the final skills at a basic level, in the second and third modules he develops them and by the end of the course he learns all the final skills provided for in the training program. At the end of the beginning modules, tests are carried out, as well as homework is analyzed and discussed.

Students who cannot immediately continue the course in the following modules receive certificates that indicate the topics covered. Based on the certificate for the first module after the break, the student will be able to continue their studies at the next training module. At the end of the last module, a final test is conducted that determines the level of mastery of the final skills.

TC Dialoog does not recommend pass the level exam before mastering all the program modules in full and passing the final Test of TC Dialoog.

Registration for courses

In order to start training, you should determine your level of language proficiency (See Determine your level of language proficiency), then select the appropriate course in the course schedule, familiarize yourself with the learning program of the selected course and learning schedule, and register. All this can be done in one of two ways:

1. go through all the mentioned stages of registration electronically through TC Dialoog page;

2. inform of your desire to TC Dialoog (call, log in or send an e-mail message).

In Tartu: tel. 7 344 990, mob. 55613474,; 9, Turu str., Tartu.

In Narva: tel. 3560494, mob. 5135725,; 3, Kreenholmi str., Narva.

In Tallinn: tel. 6620 888, mob. 55640688,; 13-23, Gonsiori str., Tallinn. (Bureau in Tallinn has been temporarily transferred to a remote form of work – call, e-mail).

The course organizers will answer questions, find out the needs of students, priorities and language experience, and advise on the choice of course.

Bureaus of TC Dialoog are open on business days from 9:00 to 17:30.

Registration for the course through TC Dialoog portal should be confirmed by the course organizer within 2 business days, your application for registration must be signed from both parties.

Tuition, benefits, refund, exemption from payment.

By filling out the application for registration for courses and registering it, the student/payer assumes the obligation to pay the full cost of the courses at one time or in installments, in accordance with the conditions selected in the application.

Together with confirmation of registration, an appropriate invoice will be sent. Tuition fees can be paid in cash or by card at our bureaus, or by bank transfer. When paying, you need to note the account number, the name of the courses and the name of the student.

The student/payer can pay for the courses in full, in one installment, before starting work. Tuition fees can be paid in installments, from two to nine, which are paid before the 10th day of each month on the basis of the invoice presented by TC Dialoog. When paying in installments, the total cost of training increases by 2% – 9%, depending on the number of parts. The first payment must be made no later than one day before the start of studies. If the payment is made in installments and the next installment is not received on time, a penalty of 1% of the amount owed for each delayed day is charged.

Benefits of 5% -10% are provided for families whose two or more members are trained in TC Dialoog at the same time.

Payment of language courses can be indicated in the tax return as education costs and, on the basis of § 26 of the Taxation Act, the payer is refunded 20%.

In case of refusal to participate in training before the start of classes, the client is returned 75% of the amount deposited if he refuses to attend courses at least one day before they begin.

During the training process, 75% of the unused amount is returned in case of unforeseen situations – for example, a student’s prolonged (more than 30 days) illness, moving to another city where it is impossible to continue studying in TC Dialoog.

In the event of force majeure and an emergency in the country, the unused part of the tuition fee is fully 100% refundable.

In exceptional cases, if a student or payer unexpectedly has a very difficult financial situation caused by the loss of a breadwinner, a student may be exempted from the tuition fee in the amount of 50% – 100% by decision of the Head.

TC Dialoog has the right to refuse the course or postpone the start of classes to a later date if the group does not recruit the required number of students, informing the registrants about the courses by phone or email. If student does not agree to wait, he will be refunded the tuition fee of 100%.

Tuition fee of 100% is refunded if the study group does not start work on time for reasons beyond the control of the student; Also, 100% of the unused amount of the tuition fee is refunded if, during the training process, a decrease in the number of students does not allow further work for economic reasons.

Tuition is refunded based on the application of the student or payer within 10 days from the date of application.

Student Rights and Obligations

The student must:

1. Be friendly, positive and polite to others regardless of their age, gender, race, nationality and level of language proficiency;
2. in the learning process, do independent work daily, using all the means to communicate, write, read, watch television, listen to the radio, attend theater performances, read newspapers and magazines in the language being studied;
3. keep records of all independent work, so that at the end of the training, submit to the teacher a report on independent work;
4. in case of danger (fire, breakdown in the water supply system, etc.), act in accordance with the instructions of TC Dialoog workers;
5. take care of the student’s books and TC Dialoog property issued for use;
6. pay for education on time and in the specified amount;
7. the cost of student’s books and workbooks is not included in the amount of the tuition fee, the student agrees to purchase them in TC Dialoog bookstore before classes start (the exception may be courses ordered by the company, since usually the cost of student’s books is included in the cost of training);
8. at the end of the course, express your opinion about them frankly by filling out a questionnaire.

Student has the right to:

1. study in accordance with the level of previous knowledge;
2. receive materials for homework in case of absence from class;
3. to receive answers from the organizers of the courses, teachers or the director to the questions that arose during the educational work;
4. make suggestions to the leadership of the Training Center regarding development of training or elimination of deficiencies;
5. after graduation, receive a supporting document – certificate or reference.

Charge from courses

Student can be expelled from the courses of his own free will or if he behaves inappropriately: interferes with the conduct of classes, harms the good name of TC Dialoog, as well as in case of failure to pay the tuition fee for more than 30 days.

Learning environment

Classes are held in comfortable classrooms equipped with modern training equipment. All rooms have natural light and ventilation. All rooms have CD and DVD players, video projectors or computers connected to a television screen, an Internet connection and Wi-Fi, which allows students to use the modern materials and dictionaries of the Estonian Language Institute using their tablets and smartphones on the website

Classrooms, teaching equipment and teaching aids meet the requirements of industrial sanitation and labor safety. During breaks, students are offered tea and coffee. In the classroom, a positive and supportive atmosphere is created.

Course Requirements

All graduates of TC Dialoog courses receive an electronic certificate or reference within 7 days after the end of the course.

At the end of the course, after passing all the modules, a final test is carried out to determine the level of knowledge provided for by the learningprogram.

Certificate of the TC Dialoog of completion courses is issued under the following conditions:

a) the student was present at least 75% of the classroom classes provided by the learning program (all modules of this level);
b) presented to the teacher a report on independent work;
c) the final test throughout the program has completed at least 60%;

Other students receive referenceconfirming the training in the courses.

Collection and processing of personal data

TC Dialoog collects the following information about students and payers: first and last name, place of residence, email address, phone number and personal identification code. A personal code is required for certificate and income tax return. Personal data is treated in accordance with § 6 of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Settlement of disputes

Disagreements related to the educational process are resolved through negotiations. A written complaint is considered and the decision is communicated to the student within 7 days. In case of disagreement with the decision made, the person who filed the complaint may appeal to the Administrative Court of the Republic of Estonia.

The basics of the educational schedule of the TC Dialoog are valid from 05.05.2016.

Corrections were made on 31.12.2019 and approved by the signature of the director.

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