Inglise keele test C1

Choose the correct answer, a), b), c) or d).

1. Where ______ if she hadn't been at home?
2. Do you mind me asking where ______ from?
3. He published his first novel last year and it ______ a prize.
4. How much were ______ in your last job?
5. You ______ the documents when you arrive.
6. She ______ living alone but now she prefers to share a flat.
7. He ______ tired when he gets home from football practice.
8. He’ll never get used ______ on the farm.
9. They ______ for ages when they finally saw the car was ready.
10. She ______ come if you invite Peter.
11. I wish I didn't have to go out tonight. I ______ the meeting.
12. If only ______ a foreign language.
13. How many people have travelled ______ space?
14. I wish he wouldn't drive at 100 miles ______ hour on the motorway.
15. The new employee was ______ a failure.
16. If you lend me €50, I ______ you back at the end of the week.
17. If I ______ to your proposal, when could we sign the contract?
18. You can come in ______ you are over 18.
19. Thanks for your help. I wouldn’t have finished it ______.
20. I ______ show my passport when I left the country.
21. His boss refused ______ him the day off.
22. We had very little petrol left in the car but we ______ get home in the end.
23. By this time tomorrow, he ______ in New York.
24. ______ we went to Spain instead.
25. When do you think you ______ building the house?
26. ______ of people will protest against the proposed new supermarket in the town.
27. Do ______ you feel like going out tonight?
28. ______ had a moment passed before he was back.
29. Mum says she ______ to cook pizza for dinner tonight.
30. The teacher wanted to know why ______ his homework last night.
31. They told _____ start work the following Monday.
32. If she ______ to wear glasses, she could have been a pilot.
33. They can’t even play, ______ write their own songs.
34. He ______ here by now if the bus had been on time.
35. If I hadn't ignored my parents advice, I ______ a great actor.
36. You’d ______ late for work again or you’ll get fired.
37. After the incident with the press, the actor ______ disrepute.
38. She went to the doctor because she keeps ______ headaches.
39. It’s not worth ______ that play. It's awful.
40. She finally stopped ______ when the price of cigarettes went up again.
41. I’ll never ______ northern lights for the first time.
42. Although there is a dress code, it isn’t ______ by many students these days.
43. We ______ a serious accident when you drove through that red light!
44. The neighbours ______ the noise of the party. It was terribly loud.
45. The gym ______ I go to work out is open 7 days a week.
46. I wasn't keen on the cafe ______ we went to last Sunday.
47. They’re having lunch with her boyfriend’s parents, ______ live in Bath.
48. She almost fell over a pile of books ______ on the carpet.
49. Some of the delegates made a useful ______ to the discussion.
50. A painting ______ by a 12-year-old girl has been sold for €1000.
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