Valentina Turtora

Ciao!My name is Valentina Turtora, and I’m Italian, born and raised in Florence. Piacere di conoscerti! I’m a PhD candidate at Tallinn University with extensive experience in teaching Italian to students of all ages. My journey in the teaching career started already back in Moscow in 2013 and continued in Estonia at Tallinn University. Starting from 2020 I will also join the fantastic team “Dialoog group”: here I’ll teach Italian and make sure that students will have a fantastic experience with us!

I teach Italian on the basis of Russian and English. However, Italian will be used in class activities already from the first introductory lessons. Students will learn the basics in a completely friendly, interactive, joyful environment while fully immersed in the target language. To enhance student’s confidence with Italian, I’ll follow their progress step by step by answering their questions, by listening to them, and by fostering interest through a series of exciting, creative activities. 

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